keine Grundlage für Denkstrukturen

Schmelzdahin (melt away) is a film group which worked in Bonn between 1975 and 1989. Members: Jochen Lempert, Jochen Müller, Jürgen Reble. Formation of the Film group 1979 in Bonn. Schmelzdahin jointly carry out research in the fields of shooting, montage and material processing. As a part of this, lengthy studies relating to the effects that bacterialogical decomposition, disintegration, and chemical processes have upon film emulsion were carried out. Within a period of ten years, some 20 short films are made and published world-wide carrying the Schmelzdahin name, without any personal reference being made to the artists. The selection programme „Ein harter Falter“ was on tour from 1988-89, together with the film performance „Wir lagern uns ums Feuer“. Some 30 screenings take place in West Germany, Switzerland, the USA, and Canada. Break up of Schmelzdahin in 1989. text: cinovid database